Betel Vine

Betel Vine

Scientific namePiper betle L. 

Local name: ‘Pan’

Taxonomic Position According to Cronquist (1988)

Kingdom         : Plantae
Division           : Magnoliophyta
Class                :Magnoliopsida

Subclass          : Magnoliidae

Order               : Magnoliales

Family             : Piperaceae

Genus              : Piper

Species            :P. betle


 Botanical Description of Betel

Habit: A perennial stout twining climber



Root: Tap root system, adventitious roots are also present.

Stem: Branches with swollen nodes


Leaf: Simple, alternate, cordate, firmly coriaceous

Inflorescence: A cylindrical spike

Flower: Small, greenish yellow, complete, actinomorphic hermaphrodite, pentamerous.


Calyx: Sepal absent

Corolla: Absent

Androecium: Stamen 2, filament short

Gynoecium: Ovary superior, style short.

Fruit: A fleshy drupe


Table 1. Betel variety developed by BARI, Joydebpur, Bangladesh


Serial Number Name of Variety Developed by Year of Release Growing Season Yield
1 BARI Pan-1 BARI 1996 Year round 3.6 million leaves/ha
2 BARI Pan-2 BARI 1996 Year round 4.0 million leaves/ha
3 BARI Pan-3 BARI 1998 Year round 3.2 million leaves/ha


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