BARI Aam-2


Main Features of the Variety


.Developed by Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/origin Selected from local germplasm
Year of release 1996
Main characteristics High fruit yielding, mid season and regular bearer, medium sized fruit with attractive yellow color, fruit shape semi-round. Average fruit size 9.75cm, breadth 7.25cm and wide 6.10cm, fruit weight 240-260g deep yellow color pulp, less fibrous, sweet (TSS 17%) and medium juicy, edible portion 69%., flowering in second week of February. This variety is cultivated in throughout the Bangladesh.
Planting time and season June-September
Harvesting time Fruit harvesting time third week of June
Yield 22t/ha
Quality of the product This variety is exportable variety.


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