BARI Gom-22(Sufi)







Main Features of the Variety


Developed by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/origin Crossing between  two genetic line COQ/F61.70/CNDR/3/OLN/4PHOS and MRNG/ALDAN/CNO  in 1988. Next year F1  top cross with kanchan variety, thereafter selected BAW  1006  genetic line from F2
Year of release 2005
Main characteristics It is a semi-dwarf high yielding potential variety.  Plant height 90-102 cm.Number of tiller/plant 4-5, leaf  broad and deep green,  panicle initiation time 58-62 days, spike long, grain/spike 50-55, grain white , glossy and small size, crop duration 100-110 days
Planting season and time Rabi: November 15-30. Late planting up to December 15  and late planting grain size is normal
Yield Yield 3.6-4.8 t/ha
Resistance/tolerance Leaf rust preventive and leaf spot disease (blight) tolerant, temperature tolerant, as a result late planting yield are high unfilled grain can be overcome.
Quality of the product Gluten in flour is strong with high elasticity and extensibility, thus suitable for bread marking



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