BARI Mango-4 (Hybrid Mango)

MANGO VARIETY: BARI Mango-4 (Hybrid Mango)

Main Features of the Variety


Developed by Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute (BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/origin Crossing between Florida M-3896 variety (male) and local Ashina variety (female).
Year of release Released by National Seed Board (NSB) in 2003
Main characteristics High fruit yielding, regular bearing, sweet and late variety, inflorescence initiation in February, flesh deep yellow, fibreless and fleshy, fruit size larger (600g), just about round shape fruit, flesh yellow, very sweet, unripe fruit also sweet,  brix 24.5%, flesh 80% of fruit. Because of rigid flesh after ripening it will store several days store in room is possible. This variety is suitable for commercial cultivation throughout the Bangladesh.
Planting time and season June-September

The variety is suitable to cultivate throughout the country

Harvesting time  Harvest at last week of  July to first week of August
Yield 20 t/ha

 Video on BARI Aam-4


  • Kazi nehad Anower

    Please give me mobile number. Because i have to buy bari 4 mango trees. I have 7.5 acr land. Please help me. I am living in sweden.

    • Dear Mr. Kazi Nehad Anwar,

      Thank you very much for your interest. For collecting BARI Mango-4 sapling/seedling plz. communicate to the following address:
      Dr. Modan Gopal Shaha
      CSO, Fruits
      Mobile: 01552450182

  • ARPAN Mandal

    Please give me mobile no. Because I have to buy bari4 mango trees.please help me.I live in India, westbengal.

  • Galib


    I get to start a project mango tree. pls help where i get the tree. only 50 pcs.

    • Prof. Md. Abdul Baset Mia

      Dear Mr. Galib,

      Thanks for your keen interest in planting mango sapling. Write in detail which variety do you want to cultivate?

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