Main Features of the Variety                            

Developed by Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute(BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/origin Introduced from AVRDC
Year of release 1999
Main characteristics Plant tall and little bushy, fruit small, fruit weight 8-10g, pulm shaped and borne in cluster. Fruit /cluster 15-20 as like grape fruit, fruit/plant 180-200, yield/plant 1kg. Life time 100-110 days, fruit more sweet
Planting season and time Rabi, September to October. In summer season hormone application not necessary but yield increase due to hormone application. Transplanting time May-September. Cultivation possible in whole year
Harvesting  time 70-75 days after transplantation fruit harvest start and harvest up to more than one month.
Yield  Yield 35-40t/ha in winter season
Resistance/tolerant Moderately tolerant to bacterial wilt and TYLCV
Quality of the product 2 weeks store in room temperature


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