Rice Variety: Binadhan-13

Main Features of the Variety


Developed by Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Main characteristics The mutant contains most of the characters of Kalizira. The main characteristics of Binadhan-13 are as follows: Leaves remain green till maturity
Origin It has been developed from local fine grain aromatic rice cultivar Kalizira with the application of gamma radiation and Datura extract.
Growing season The mutant KD5-18-150 has been released as Binadhan-13, a fine grain aromatic rice variety suitable for cultivation in T. aman season of Bangladesh.
Duration  of this variety Crop duration 138-142 days
Resistant/tolerant Moderately lodging resistant
Yield Grain yield 3.2-3.6 t ha-1.
1000-grain weight 13.2g
Quality Unfilled grains are almost absent


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