BU dhan 2

Variety: BU dhan 2

Main Features of the Variety

Developed by Genetics and Plant Breedind Department, BSMRAU
Method of development/origin Crossing between Indian Bashmati and IR-58025B
Year of release 2016
Main characteristics High yielding variety

Medium size grain (Thousand grain weight 24.5 g)

Kernel elongated (7.5 mm)

Higher amylose content (24.5%)

Short durated (120-130 days)

Higher amount of Zn (22 mg kg-1)

Higher content of iron (10 mg kg-1)


Planting season and time Aman season(Kharif-2)
Harvesting time/das to maturity 120-130 days
Grain yield 4.0-4.5 t/ha)


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