CBT 516 :Plant Embryology

CBT 516 :Plant Embryology

Department of Crop Botany

Course Instructor: Prof. Dr. Md. Abdul Baset Mia

Course Layout

Lecture No.


1 Introduction to the course
2 Importance and application of embryology in agriculture
3 Essential whorls of flower
4 Microsporogenesis
5 Microgametogenesis
6 Megasporogenesis
7 Different types of embryo sac in angiosperm
8 Megagametogenesis
9 Fertilization


1st Mid Exam

10 Development of endosperm
11 Formation of fruit
12 Formation of seeds
13 Parthenocarpy
14 Development of embryo in monocot
15 Development of embryo in dicot
16 Factors affecting embryo abnormalities and degeneration


2nd Mid Exam

17 Apomixis
18 Polyembryony
19 Factors affecting polyembrony
20 Embryology and Taxonomy
21 Problems associated with interspecific hybridization in relation to development and ways to circumvent them

Importance of embryology in agriculture

Knowledge of embryology is essential to be a skilled worker for hybridization for improving crop plants

Development of crop variety through molecular technique requires knowledge on plant embryology

Crop variety through anther culture technique

Crop improvement through somatic embryogenesis

Formation of sterile and fertile grains

Apomixis, poly embryonic and parthenogenesis are very important  avenues in plant embryology


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