CBT 620


CBT 620: Developmental Plant Biology

Winter 2018

Instructor: M A Baset Mia

Course Layout

Lecture #

Date Topic
1 Scope and Importance of the Course
2 Growth of Plant


Growth curve


Factor affecting plant growth (vegetative)
5 Factors affecting reproductive growth


Growth Analysis


Criticism of different growth analyses formulae
8 Development of plant
9 Balance between growth and development
10 Differentiation
11 1st Midterm Exam.
12 Plant photomorphogenesis
13 Phytochrome and its action in photomorphogenesis
14 Photoperiodism
15 Classification of plants on the basisis of photoperiodism
16 Physiology of flowering
17 Flower induction and photomorphogenesis
18 Factor affecting photo induction
19 Growth regulator
20 Mode of action of juvenile hormone
21 2nd Midterm Exam
21 Mode of action of death hormone
23 Factors affecting ageing and senescence
24 Vernalization
25 Mechanism of Vernalization
26 Plant movement and its mechanism
27 Physiology of ageing
28 Physiology of senescence
29 Physiology of fruit setting
30 Review of the course



Assessment System










  1. Introduction to Plant Physiology by William G. Hopkins









It is the branch of physiology deals with the morphological changes due to the effect of light.

Photoceceptors: Pigments that absorb light for the use of physiological process. Various types of pigments are responsible for the photomorphogenesis process:

  1. Phycobilins
  2. Carotenoids
  3. Cryptochrome
  4. UV-B Receptors
  5. Flavonoids
  6. Betacyanins
  7. Phytochrome



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