Country Bean

Country Bean

Scientific name: Lablab purpureus L.

English name: Bean

Local name: ‘Sheem’





Taxonomic position According to Cronquist (1981)

Kingdom         : Plantae
           : Magnoliophyta
Class                :Magnoliopsida

Subclass          : Rosidae

Order               : Fabales
Family             : Fabacaeae

Genus              : Lablab

Species            : L. purpureus

Botanical Description of Country Bean

Habit: Herbaceous annual twiner (vine).


Root: Tap root system

Stem: Aerial, sinistrul twiner, cylindrical, green, glabrous.

Leaf: Alternate, compound, trifoliate, petiolate, pulvinate

Inflorescence: Axillary raceme, pedunculate raceme, up to 40 cm long.

Flower: Complete, papilanaceous, hermaphrodite, zygomorphic

Calyx: Sepal 5, gamosepalous, aestivation valvate.

Corolla: petal 5, polypetalous, aestivation vexillary, one standard, two wing and two keel.

Androecium: Stamen 10, diadelphous (9)+1.

Gynoecium: Carpel one, ovary superior, placentation marginal

Fruit: pod, linear to narrowly oblong, 4-6 seeded

Seed: non-endospermic, ellipsoid or oblong

Economic uses/values/harmful aspects: Widely cultivated for vegetable.





Table 1. Country Bean Variety Developed by BASMRAU

Variety name with year of release Key feature Photo
IPSA seem 1

Released in 1991

High yielding, year round ipsa seem
IPSA seem 2

Released in 1991

High yielding, year round IPSA Seem2


BU seem 3

Baramashi Beguni Seem





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