Family: Malvaceae

Popular name: The Mallow Family

Taxonomic Position (according to Cronquist)

Kingdom        : Plantae

Division          :Magnoliophyta

Class               :Magnoliopsida

Subclass         :Dilleniidae

Order             :Malvales

Family            :Malvaceae


Identifying Characters of the Family


  1. Presence of stellate or tuffed hairs on the vegetative parts
  2. Presence of mucilage cavities
  3. Stipulate, palmately lobed leaves
  4. Stamens monoadelphous
  5. Stamens epipetalous
  6. Pollen spiny, multiporate
  7. Placentation is axile
  8. Fruit capsule or schzocarpic


Table Economically important plants of Malvaceae Family




English name Bangla name Scientific  name Plant parts used Usefulness
1 Comilla Cotton/Tree cotton KarpusTula Gossypium arboretum L. Fruit Cotton
2 Levant cotton KarpusTula G. herbaceum L. Fruit Cotton


3 American cotton/upland cotton KarpusTula G. hirsutum L. Fruit Cotton
4 China cotton/

Kidney  cotton

Kidney Tula G. barbadense var. acuminatum (Roxb. Ex G Don) Fruit Cotton
5 Kenaf Hemp Mesta Pat Hibiscus cannabinus L. Stem Fiber
6 Roselle Mesta Pat/ chukur H. sabdariffa L. Stem, leaf Fiber  vegetable
7 Prickly Hibiscus Shata-kanta H. radiatus L. Stem Fiber vegetable
8 China rose Joba H. rosa-sinensis L. Flower Ornamental


9 Okra Dherosh Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench Fruit Vegetable
10 Whorled Malva Napashakh Malva verticillata L. Leaf Vegetable



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