Scientific name: Punica granatum L.
Local name/Bangla name: ডালিম/আনার ( ‘Dalim’, ‘Anar’)

Taxonomic Position According to Cronquist (1988)

Kingdom : Plantae
Subclass  : Magnoliidae
Division  : Magnoliophyta
Class  :Magnoliopsida
Order   : Magnoliales
Family : Punicaceae/ Lythraceae   
Genus : Punica
Species   : P.granatum

The family Punicacae consists of a single genus about 2 species. In Bangladesh, it is represented by a single species.

Botanical Description of Pomegranate

Habit: A perennial shrub or low tree
Root: Tap root system
Stem: Branches terete, often ending in a spine


Fig. Stem Anatomy of Pomegranate

Leaf: Simple, sub-opposite or clustered


Fig. Leaf Anatomy of Pomegranate

Inflorescence: Solitary
Flower: Complete, actinomorphic hermaphrodite



Fig. Fruit of Pomegranate

Calyx: Sepal 4-7
Corolla: Petal 4-7
Androecium: Stamen numerous
Gynoecium: Ovary superior
Fruit: balaosta

Seeds: Seeds angular, numerous, pulpy and juicyPomegranate-007

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