Family: Solanaceae

Popular name: The Potato Family








Taxonomic position (according to Cronquist, 1981)

Kingdom                     :Plantae

Division                       :Magnoliophyta

Class                            :Magnoliopsida

Subclass                      :Asterdae

Order                           :Solanales

Family                         :Solanaceae


Origin and Distribution

The family Solanaceae consists of about 85 genera and 2800 species of nearly cosmopolitan distribution. In Bangladesh, the family is represented by 13 genera and 37 species.

Identifying characters of the family

  1. Dichotomously branched
  2. Leaves alternate
  3. Calyx persistent
  4. Fruit is berry


Table 1. Important Crops of this Family

Serial No. Bangla name English name Scientific name Plant parts used Usefulness
1 Morich Chili Capsicum frutescens/

C. annum

Fruit Spices
2 Begun Brinjal/eggplant Solanum melongena Fruit Spices
3 Tomato Tomato Solanum lycopersicum Fruit Vegetable/fruit
4 Alu Potato Solanum tuberosum Tuber/stem Vegetable/food
5 Tamak Tobacco Nicotianatabacum/

N. rustica

Shoot Narcotic


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