Family: Annonaceae


Popular Name of the Family: Custard Family

Taxonomic Position according to Cronquist

Kingdom        : Plantae
          : Magnoliophyta
Class               : Magnoliopsida

Subclass          : Magnoliidae

Order              : Magnoliales

Family             : Annonaceae

Mainly tropical and subtropical having 130 genera comprising 2300 species. There are 15 genera and 42 species in Bangladesh.

Botanical Description of Annonaceae Family

Habit: Aromatic, shrub or a small tree or vine

Stem: Erect, woody branched, shrub

Leaf: Simple, alternate

Inflorescence: Axillary

Flower: Complete, actinomorphic

Calyx: Sepal 3, gamosepalous

Corolla: Petal 6, polypetalous

Androecium: Stamen numerous

Gynoecium: Ovary superior

Fruit: Etaerio of achene

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