Iratom 24

Rice variety

Scientific name: Oryza sativa L.








Main Feature of Iratom 24

Developed byBangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture(BINA), Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Method of development Mutation breeding (γ irradiation)
Main characteristics Plants are semi-dwarf which do no lodge.
Year of release 1975
Days to maturityIt is an early maturing variety. It takes about 140-145 days to mature during boro season and 125-130 days during aus season. Earliness facilities to harvest this crop variety before early flash flood and also can escape hailstorm.
Resistant/tolerantModerately resistant to major disease and insect-pest.
YieldMaximum grain yield potential is 8 t/ha(av. 6.5 t/ha) in boro season while 4 t(av. 3.5 t/ha) in aus season.
Quality of the productGrains are finer than IR-8.



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