Scientific name: Ananas comosus (L.) Merr.
Bangla/local name: ‘Anarash’







Taxonomic Position According to Cronquist (1981)

Kingdom : Plantae
Division  : Magnoliophyta
Class      :Liliopsida
Subclass :Zingiberidae
Order     :Bromeliales
Family    :Bromeliaceae
Genus     :Ananas
Species   :comosus


Figure A Pineapple Field


Botanical Description of the Pineapple

Habit: Perennial, monocotyledonous herb.
Root: Some time epiphytic, fibrous root system.
Stem: Short, stout stem
Leaf: Bearing a rosette of waxy, pointed leaves, arranged in a tight spiral, leaf margin up curved spines.

Inflorescence: Terminal head, spike or panicle, the apex of the inflorescence is vegetative which consist of a compact tuft of small, short, stiff leaves, called a crown, and may be used as propagating materials.
Flower: Sessile, hermaphrodite sometime unisexual, actinomorphic.
Androecium: Stamen 6, mostly inserted into the base of the perianth.
Gynoecium: Carpel 3, syncarpous, placentation axile, ovary superior or some time inferior.


Fruit: Multiple.



Table 1. Pineapple variety cultivated in Bangladesh



Sl. No. Name of Variety Developed by Growing Season Yield


1 Honey Queen


Kharif 25-30
2 Jiant Que (Kelenga)


Kharif 30-40
3 Gorashal Kharif
4 Jaldubi






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