Family: Asteraceae

Conserved name of the family: Compositae

Popular name of the family: The Sunflower Family


The family Asteraceae is the biggest among the families in angiosperm. It comprises 1100 genera and nearly 20000 species, and is distributed throughout the world. In Bangladesh, around 71 genera and 130 species are found to be grown.


Taxonomic Position (According to Cronquist system)

Kingdom        : Plantae

Division          : Magnoliophyta

Class               : Magnoliopsida

Subclass          : Asteridae

Order              : Asterales

Family              : Asterceae


Table 1 Common economic important crops of this family


Common nameBangla nameBotanical nameUsable plant partsEconomic importance
SunflowerSurjamukhiHelienthus anusSeedsEdible oil
SafflowerTishiCarthamus tinctoriusSeedsEdible oil
Niger GuzitilGuizotia abyssinicaSeedsEdible oil
DahliaDhaliaDahlia pinnataflowerOrnamental
ZinniaZiniaZinnia spp.FlowerOrnamental
CosmosCosmosCosmos bipinnatusFlowerOrnamental
AsterNot knownAster amellus FlowerOrnamental
LettuceLettuceLactuca sativaShootvegetable
ArnicaArnicaArnica montanaWhole plantMedicinal
DaisyDaisyChrysanthimum coronariumFlowerOrnamental





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