BARI Chola -2(Baral)








Main Features of the Variety


Developed byBangladesh Agriculture Research Institute(BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/originOrigin CRISAT
Year of release 1993
Main characteristics Semi spreading type and tip of  the branch is slender with long internodes, plant color is green, canopy medium wide, seed size is 40-50% larger than the local variety, both side of the seed is flattery and light brown in color, seed larger than local variety, seed larger, for this reason more acceptable to consumer/farmer, 1000 seed weight 140-150 g, side of seed slightly wide, cooking time 30-35 min, crop duration 120-130 days, and cultivated though the country.
Planting season and timeRabi, 20th November to 10th December for barind area last week of October to first week of November
YieldYield 1.3-1.6 t/ha
Resistance/toleranceTolerant to wilt disease
Quality of the productProtein 23-27%


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