Family: Amaranthacaeae








Taxonomic position According to Cronquist (1981)

Kingdom                     :Plantae

Division                       :Magnoliophyta

Class                            :Magnoliopsida

Order                           :Caryophyllalase

Family                         : Amaranthaceae

Genus                          : Amaranthus


Identifying characters

  • Gnerally herb
  • Inflorescence spike
  • Flower small having bract or bracteole
  • Perianth membranous and shiny
  • Fruit generally nutlet
  • Seed black and shiny


External Morphology


Habit: many of them are generally annual herb

Amaranthus red

Root: tap root

Stem: Soft, angular or cylindrical, spinous or glabrous

Leaf: simple, mergin entire, alternate, petiolate, reticulated venation

Inflorescence: simple or compound spike

Flower: bisexual, small, actinomorphic, pentamerous

Perianth: tepal 5, persistent, aestivation imbricate

Androecium: stamen 5

Gynoecium:  Carpel 2-3, syncarpous, ovary superior, placentation basal

Fruit: nutlet, sometime berry

Floral formula: 
image2 image3


Table Economically important plant


Serial NumberBangla nameEnglish nameScientific namePlant parts usedUsefulness
1Data shakAmaranthus gangeticusWhole plantsVegetable
2Note shakA.     Viridis
3Lal note shakA.     tricolor


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