BARI Chola -5 (Pabnai)

VARIETY: BARI Chola -5 (Pabnai)







Main Features of the Variety

Developed byBangladesh Agriculture Research Institute(BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/originOrigin ICRISAT
Year of release 1996
Main characteristics Main identifying character of this variety is spreading stature and light green color, no pigmentation observed at seedling stage but light grey pigmentation observed in the matured stem, small seed size is small and seed coat is grey brown color, hilum is prominent, both side of the seed is somewhat flattery, smooth, plant slightly bushy, plant height 45-50 cm,1000 seed weight 110-120 g, cooking time 35-40 min.


Planting season and timeRabi, 20th November to 10th December for barind area last week of October to first week of November.
Harvesting timeRipening time 125-130 days
YieldYield 1.8-2.0 t/ha
Quality of the productProtein 20-22%


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