Main Features of the Variety

Developed byBangladesh Agriculture Research Institute(BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/originBari hybrid maize -5 was developed by crossing between two quality protein maize (QPM) inbred lines from CIMMYT.
Year of release 2004
Main characteristics It is single cross hybrid. Average Plant height in rabi season 195-200 cm and Kharif season 110-115 cm, height of ear 100-110 cm, weight ear 250 g., seed weight / ear 230 g., ear tightly covered with husk, seed/ ear 420, in rabi season silk formation time 90-95 days, grain orange color, grain weight 290-310 g., crop duration 140-145 days and 95-105 days in karif season, A profuse no  anthocyanin colour here in first leaf sheath.
Planting season and timeRabi: Mid November to mid December
YieldYield in Rabi season 10-10.5  t/ha and Kharif season 7-7.5 t/ha
Quality of the productThis hybrid rich in two amino acids. Tryptophan 0.11%, Lysin 0.475%, Total protein 11.00%



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