Main Features of the Variety


Developed byBangladesh Agriculture Research Institute(BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/originHybridization
Year of release 2006
Main characteristics Heat tolerant hybrid tomato variety without hormone spray, Number of fruits per plant 35-40, average fruit weight 35-40g

yield/plant 1.2-1.3 kg/plant, skin of fruit thick and rigid, life time 90 days.

Planting season and timeCultivation in summer season May-July.

In summer season hormone application not necessary but yield increase 2 times due to hormone application. Cultivation possible in whole year but this variety is for summer and rainy season, due to protect rain this variety cultivated in polythene tunnel in rainy season.

Harvesting  timeWithin 60 days after transplantation  fruit harvest start and harvest up to 20-25 days
Yield 30 t/ha
Resistance/tolerance Bacteria wilt tolerant
Quality of the productDue to thick and rigid skin of tomato storage time high and supply is possible for long distance.





  • Sudhi Ranjan Pan

    I’m an Indian. I would like to buy BARI 4 tometo seeds. Pls tell me how to collect the seeds.

    • Taxonomist BSMRAU

      Dear Mr. Sudhi Ranjan Pan

      Thank you very much for your interest in BARI tomato-4 seeds. Please contact with the following address for the same:

      Director General
      Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute

  • Gazi Md Mozammel Hoque

    I am very much interested in summer tomato. I have a good piece of land measuring 140 decimal which is free from water logging. Can make polythene tunnel if necessary. Can you please help me to plant this summer tomatoes in my garden.
    I have been trying for last 7 years to do it but every time I failed and now give up.
    Thanks with best regards.
    Gazi Mozammel Hoque
    Additional D I G
    Police Head Quarters.
    Cell number 01714244570, 01769690002.

    • Taxonomist BSMRAU

      Dear Mr. Gazi Mozammal Haque

      Thank you very much for your keen interest in planting of summer tomato in your land. You can communicate with the following address for getting more suggestion.

      Director General
      Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
      Telephone: ৪৯২৭০০০০
      Cell Phone: ০১৭১৫৮৫৫২৩৯

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