BARI Kaoun -3









Main Features of the Variety


Developed byBangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/originThe variety was developed through mutation breeding in Bangladesh.
Year of release 2001
Main characteristics Thick deep green banes with pointed tips, stem stout, short stature plant. And average plant height 45 cm, because of dwarf variety, plant does not lodging. As a results it suitable in slope of hill. Leaf green, broad and large, panicle  medium size average 17 cm  long,  with small hairy, grain  large, round shape and  purple color, 1000 grain weight 2.36 g. Yield comparatively 35% more than local variety, crop duration  120-125 days. Top of leaf is pointed as a results bird cannot attack.
Planting season and timeNovember 15 to December 15 in Rabi, March 15 to April 15 as intercrop(Kharif)
YieldYield in season 2.5-2.85 t/ha
Resistance/toleranceUsually  disease not shown



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