Main Features of the Variety


Developed by Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute(BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/origin Ecuador, BARI Maize improvement program introduced the composite Pichilingue(1) 8536 from  CIMMYT, Mexico.
Year of release 1998
Main characteristics It is a high yielding composite variety, Deep athocyanin and 1st   leaf sheath and medium pigmentation in leaf sheath at 2-leaf stage. High yielding variety, stem hard, ear heavy ,  medium tall (165-175cm) and grain coating with  in ear, ear medium, kernels are  yellow, 1000 grain weight 315-320 g., crop duration  145-150 days and 95-105 days in Kharif season.
Planting season and time Mid November to Mid-December
Yield Yield in Rabi season 6.5-7t/ha and 5.0-5.5 t/ha in Kharif season


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