BARI Malta -1






Main Features of the Variety


Developed byBangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/originOrigin Pakistan
Year of release 2003
Main characteristics High fruit yielding regular fruit bearing variety, plant short, wide and very bushy , fruit round, medium size (146g), length of fruit 7 cm and breadth 5 cm, fruit/plant 300-400, sweet (TSS 7.8% and total acid 0.36%), very juicy (33.7%), flower initiation in March.  This variety is suitable for cultivation in greater Shylet, Chittagong, Hill Tract, Panchagar and other districts of Bangladesh.
Planting season and timeJune-September
Harvesting  timeOctober to December
Yield20 t/ha


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  • Manjur Hasan Chisti

    Dear Sirs

    I have three Bari 1 plant at my roof top planted in half (1/2) size drum. My problems are:

    1. Leaf Miners .
    2. 90% fruit fall.

    For Leaf Mibers I spayed ripcord no result.
    For fruit fall I spried hormons twice no result.

    Please suggest.


  • Avijit Roy

    I want to purchase a bari1 Malta tree. As soon as possible.


    Dear Dr. Halim
    First of all thank you for your reply. I have a dream to develop a garden of malta bari-1 plant for business purpose. By profession I am an engineer. But very much interested in agriculture.
    So I shall be very obliged if you guide and give me the information about i) KIND OF SOIL ii) SOIL pH value iii) FERTILIZER iv) PESTICIDE and procedure to implant the sapling of Bari malta-1.
    And Please tell me the way to collect Bari malta-1 sapling from your organization .
    with regards,
    Avijit roy
    Dated: 09.01.2019

  • Sozib

    I want to plant Bari malta 1 at our office premise. I need help frm Horticulture research centr.

    • Taxonomist BSMRAU

      Dear Mr. Sojib,

      Thank you very much for your interest in BARI Malta-1. Please communicate to the following address:
      Director General
      Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
      Telephone: 0249270000

      Don’t hesitate to contact me if face any problem.
      Thank you once again.

  • Avijit Ghosh

    Hi, this is Avijit Ghosh from Kolkata India, planning to cultivate Bari 1 MALTA in 3bigha land. Can you guys send me mother plan in India and need details of farming Bari 1.
    +918670460941 my contact can reach me on this no.

    • Prof. Md. Abdul Baset Mia

      Dear Mr. Avijit Ghosh,

      Thank you very much for your keen interest in BARI Malta 1 . For getting sapling please contact with the following address:

      Dr. Abeda Khatun
      Horticulture Research Center
      Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
      Gazipur 1701
      Phone: 02-49270188
      Cell: 01712-770880

      Director General
      Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
      Gazipur 1701

  • I want to buy 90 plants bari 1 Malta in punjab india . Can u suggest the best nursery in india for these plants ya can u deliver in india

    • Prof. Md. Abdul Baset Mia

      Dear Vinod Kumar,

      Thank you very much for your interest. Plz. contact to the following address:

      Dr. Md. Tariqul Islam
      Director Research

      E-mail: 01779519121


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