BARI Mash-1(Pantha)










Main Features of the Variety


Developed byBangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/originLocal
Year of release 1990
Main characteristics BARI Mash is a medium statured (45-50cm), semi erect cultivar with basal primary branches, stem pigmentation absent at the seedling stage, but it becomes light green at the late vegetative stage, leaves are dark green with slightly pubescence, leave size is medium with dark green color, short petiole and rachis that forms no tendrils, flowers are white, and pods and leaves turns to straw, seed coat is ash and testa pattern is dotted with smooth seed surface, and cotyledon is yellow. Seed is large, 1000 seed weight 38-43g compared to 21.5g or less for the local cultivars.   Day neutral, for this reason  it is cultivated in kharif-1 and kharif-2, cooking time 30-35 min, crop duration 65-70days
Planting season and timeAugust to September
Resistance/toleranceTolerant to Yellow Mosaic Virus
Quality of the productProtein 25.5 % and 47.3% carbohydrate


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