BARI Misti bhutta -1/ BARI Sweet corn-1


Main Features of the Variety



Developed byBangladesh Agriculture Research Institute (BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/originIt is a synthetic variety developed at Nakhon Suwan Field Crop Research in Thailand, and latter on verified and released in Bangladesh.
Year of release 2002
Main characteristics The plant height of the synthetic sweet corn variety are medium tall (150-155cm) and ear height also medium.  Kernels are yellow and flint type at green stage but shrunken and dent at mature stage. Cobs are covered very tightly by the husk.
Planting season and timeMid November to mid December
Harvesting timeHarvesting time for green cob ranges 113-119 days after sowing.
YieldYield in Rabi season is 9.5-10.5 t/ha.


Resistance/toleranceLodging resistant
Quality of the productIt is a special type of maize which is consumed as vegetable. It is also consumed with fish,meat or consumed with snacks element. Young ear harvest for  consume. Sugar content is 18% in young grain, a lot of vitamin A(carotene) present in yellow grain.

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