BARI Mung-2(Kanti)

VARIETY: BARI Mung-2(Kanti)

Main Features of the Variety


Developed byBangladesh Agriculture Research Institute(BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/originOrigin Philippines
Year of release 1987
Main characteristics Pigment present at lowest part of the seedling, plant  height 60-65 cm, seed color green with smooth seed coat, 1000 seed weight 30-40 g, day neutral, for this reason  it is cultivated in kharif-1 and kharif-2, cooking time 15-18 min, crop duration  60-65 days.
Planting season and timeLast February to mid March(kharif-1); First August to last September(kharif-II)
YieldYield0.9-1.1 t/ha
Resistance/tolerancePhoto insensitive, tolerant to Cercospora leafspot  and Yellow Mosaic Virus, synchronous maturity and small seeded.
Quality of the productProtein 20-24%


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