Main Features of the Variety

Developed by Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute(BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/origin Hybridization
Year of release 1998
Main characteristics Prolific bearer in summer and rainy season production providing raised bed under poly tunnel without application of hormone.

High yielding hybrid variety. Fruit oval shape, fruit/plant 75-80, fruit weight 25-30g,yield/plant 2.0-2.5kg, skin of tomato thick and rigid, life time 90-100 days. This variety is cultivated all over Bangladesh.

Planting season and time Cultivation in summer season. In summer season hormone application not necessary but yield increase due to hormone application.
Harvesting  time Within 60 days after transplantation fruit harvest start and harvest up to more than one month.
Yield  40-55 t/ha
Resistance/tolerance  High temperature tolerant, Bacteria wilt tolerant and Moderately tolerant to TYLCV
Quality of the product Due to thick skin and rigid of tomato storage time high and supply is possible for long distance.


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