Scientific name: Mangifera indica L.

Local/Bangla name: আম ( ‘Aam’)

Taxonomic Position According to Cronquist (1988)

 Kingdom         : Plantae

Division           : Magnoliphyta

Class                : Magnoliopsida

Order               : Sapindales

Family             : Anacardiaceae

Genus              : Mangifera

Species            : M. indica


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Botanical Description of Mango

Habit: Perennial tree

Root: Tap root systemIMG_4733

Stem: Erect, large trunk

Mango stem

Leaf: Simple, petiolate, phylotaxy alternate some time opposite, leaf blade dorsiventral

Mango leaf

Inflorescence: Panicle

Flower: Actinomorphic, bisexual,

Calyx: Sepal composed of five ovate-lanceolate, finely pubescent, concave sepals.

Corolla: Petal five elliptic-lanceolate to obovate-lance-olate.

Fruit: Drupe with an outer leathery skin (exocarp), a fleshy mesocarp and a hard, stony endocarp (pit) surrounding the seed.

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Table 1. Popular mango varieties developed by Germplasm Centre, BAU; Horticulture Research Centre, BARI

Serial NumberName of varietyDeveloped byYear of ReleaseGrowing seasonYield


1FTIP-BAU Aam1BAU2006June-September15-20




4FTIP-BAU Aam4BAU2006June-September15-20
5FTIP-BAU Mango 5BAU2006June-September18-22
6FTIP-BAU Mango-6BAU2006June-September25-30
7FTIP-BAU Mango-7BAU2006June-September25-40
8FTIP-BAU Mango-8BAU2006June-September25-30
9FTIP-BAU Mango-9BAU2006June-September18-25
10FTIP-BAU Mango-10BAU2008June-September15-20
11FTIP-BAU Mango-11 (Kachamitha-1)BAU2009May to August4.5 -8.50
12FTIP-BAU Mango-12 (Kachamitha-2)BAU2009May to August4.5 -8.50
13FTIP-BAU Mango-13(Kachamitha-3)BAU2009May to August3-5
14FTIP-BAU Mango-14 (Banana mango)BAU2010May to August2.5-8.5
15FTIP-BAU Mango-15(Golapkhash)BAU2010May to August1.5-6.0
16FTIP-BAU Mango-16(Golla)BAU2010May to August1.4-7.8
17FTIP-BAU Mango-17(Satkaniya)BAU2010May to August1.2-4.2
18BARI Aam-1BARI1996June-September20.0
19BARI Aam-2BARI1996June-September22.0
20BARI Aam-3BARI1996June-September22.0
21BARI Aam-4BARI2003June-September18.0
22BARI Aam-5BARI2009June-September15.0
23BARI Aam-6BARI2009June-September11.0
24BARI Aam-7BARI2009June-September16.0
25BARI Aam-8BARI2009June-September14.0
26BARI Aam-9 (Kacha Mitha)BARI2011June-September13.5
27BARI Aam-10BARI2012June-September72.5 kg/plant
28BARI Mango-11BARI2015June-September22.0

Popular Variety of Mango

The local varieties of mangoes are: Fazlee, Langda, Gopalbogh, Himsagar, Khirsapat, Ashhwina, Khisanbogh, Kuapahadi, Lata Bombai, Foria, Bombai, Kohitoor, Laksmanbhog, Mohanbhog, Misribhog, Amrapali, Haribhanga  etc. Fazli, Lengra, Gopalbhog and Khisrapat are considered to be the premier varieties.

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