Variety:  Binachinabadam-3





Main Features of the variety

Developed byBangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture(BINA), Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Origin and method of developmentMother variety Dacca-1; mutation breeding
Main characteristics Plants are intermediate dwarf.  Leaves are mostly upright, lanceolate and darker green. Pods and seeds are 27% and 40% bolder than the mother variety Dacca-1. Pods are shiny, lack constriction and strong venation.
Year of release 2000
Days to maturityMaturity ranges between 150-160 days in winter and 125-135 days in summer.
Land and soil typeIt performs better in any sandy soils of Noakhali and Bhola districts.


Resistant/tolerantThe variety is moderately resistant to collar rot, Cercospora leaf spot and rust diseases.
YieldMaximum pos yield potential is 2.9 t/ha(av.2.0 t.ha) in winter and 1.5 t/ha(av.2.0 t/ha) in summer.
Quality of the productSeed contain 25 oil and 29% protein.


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