Groundnut Variety:  Binachinabadam-6

Main Features of the Variety


Developed by Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Main characteristics Plants are dwarf and erect leaves are small, ovate and light green. Pod and Kernel are medium size. It produces 30-40% more yield and Dacca-1 in the areas mentioned above.
Year of release 2011
Days to maturity Maturity period ranges between 140-150 days.
Resistant/tolerant It can tolerate 8.0ds/m salinity during flowering till harvest stages. Tolerant to collar rot and rust diseases. Maximum pod yield potential is 2.9 and average is 2.4 t/ha under saline field conditions at Bagerhat, Khulna and Noakhali districts.
Quality of the product Seeds contain 48.51% oil and 28.68% protein.


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