Rice Variety: Binadhan-13

Main Features of the Variety


Developed byBangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (BINA), Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Main characteristicsThe mutant contains most of the characters of Kalizira. The main characteristics of Binadhan-13 are as follows: Leaves remain green till maturity
OriginIt has been developed from local fine grain aromatic rice cultivar Kalizira with the application of gamma radiation and Datura extract.
Growing seasonThe mutant KD5-18-150 has been released as Binadhan-13, a fine grain aromatic rice variety suitable for cultivation in T. aman season of Bangladesh.
Duration  of this varietyCrop duration 138-142 days
Resistant/tolerantModerately lodging resistant
YieldGrain yield 3.2-3.6 t ha-1.
1000-grain weight 13.2g
QualityUnfilled grains are almost absent


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