Variety of Onion

Name: Binapiaz-1

Main Features of the variety


Developed byBangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture
Method of development/originIntroduced from overseas
Year of release 2018
Main characteristics It is a summer onion variety, can produce seed in the same year. Requires 200-210 days from seed to seed, 100-110 days from seed to bulb, and 110-120 from seedling to bulb. Number of leaves 8-11 per plant and individual bulb weight is 15-20 g. Plant height 39-42 cm. Bulb is redish in color, flat and narrow and tapering of edge.
Planting season and timeSummer(year round); Mid February to 1st week of December(for bulb production), last week of October to 2nd week of November(for seed production)
Yield8.21 ton /ha (bulb) and 635 kg/ha (seed)

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