Variety: Binatomato-7

Main Features of the Variety


Developed byBangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture(BINA), Mymensingh, Bangladesh.
Main characteristics Binatomato-7 variety  is suitable for cultivation throughout the year. Plants are determinate in habit. It produces, 10-13 fruit sets and 25-30 fruits per plant.
Year of release 2011
Days to maturityIt requires 90-95 days to mature after transplanting.
Resistant/tolerantIt is moderately resistant to wilt, early blight and leaf curl, tolerant to mild salinity and water stress.
YieldAverage yield is 87(t/ha) in winter and 43(t/ha) in summer.
Quality of the productFruits are medium, fleshy and tasty and contain less number of seeds. Average fruit weight is 60g. Vitamin-C content is 22.43 mg/100g. Shelf life is 20-25 days. Fruit is round and red color at ripening.


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