Botanical Terminology

Botanical Terminology

Acaulescent: Having no apparent stem, or at least none visible above the ground surface. Examples include some species of AgaveOxalis and Attalea.

Achene: It is a type of dry one-seeded indehiscent fruit, e.g. in the genus Ranunculus.

Adaxial: The upper surface of leaf i.e. the surface of an organ facing towards the organ’s axis.

Adnate: Grown or fused to an organ of a different kind, especially along a margin, e.g. a stamen fused to a petal. Compare connate.

Adventitious: A structure produced in an abnormal position, e.g. an adventitious bud produced from a stem rather than from the axil of a leaf.

Androecium: The male whorl or element of the flower

Annual plant: The plant completes life cycle within one year

Annular : Ring shaped structure