BU mug 3

Mungbean Variety: BU mug 3

Main Features of the Variety

Developed byBangabhundu Sheikh Mujibur Rahaman Agricultural University, Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/originSelected from conserved in the Germplasm Unit of the department of Agronomy, BSMRAU
Year of release 2003
Main characteristics Quick growing long stature, extensive branching habit, short day plant, small deeded(30-35mg); disease and pest resistant; used as folder crop and ‘dal’
Planting season and timeSuitable for kharif-1 season(within  March )
Das to maturity185-210
Yield(Kg/ha)Fodder: 15000-20000, Seed yield 1000-1500
Resistance/toleranceResistance to disease and pest


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