Scientific name            : Theobroma cacao

Local name: Not known





Taxonomic Position According to Cronquist (1981)


Kingdom        : Plantae
Division          : Magnoliophyta
Class               :Magnoliopsida
Subclass: Dilleniidae
Order: Theales
Species: T. cacao

Botanical Description of Cacao

Habit: perennial tree


Root: tap root system

Stem: a small or medium-sized tree

Leaf: simple, petiolated, usually glabrous, elliptical oblong

Inflorsence: Are borne on leafless older trunk

Flower: Hermaphrodite, complete, flowers are five parts.

Calyx: sepal 5 whitish or redish

Corolla: petal 5 smaller the sepal

Fruit: berry

Cacao fruit

Economic Importance

People around the world enjoy cocoa in many different forms, like chocolate production.

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