Plant Anatomy

CBT 505

Autumn 2019

Course Instructor: Prof. M A Baset Mia, Ph.D.


Course Layout

Class # Topic
1 Introductory Class
2 Importance of plant Anatomy in Agriculture
3 Cell membrane and biological membrane
4 Plasmodesmata and ectodesmata
5 Structure and development  of cell wall
6 Thickening of cell wall
7 Pitted thickening
8 Biosynthesis of lignin
9 Epidermis
10 Meristem and theories of meristem organization
11 1st Midterm Exam.
12 Formation of complex tissue
13 Development of stele
14 Vascular transition between root and stem
15 Development of periderm and lenticel
16 Anatomy of root
17 Anatomy of storage root
18 Anatomy of stem
19 Anatomy of branch
20 Anatomy of Node
21 Anatomy of leaf
22 Anatomy of C3 and C4 leaves and development of Kranz Anatomy
23 2nd Midterm Exam.
24 Flower anatomy
25 Anatomy of fruit
26 Anatomy of seed
27 Anomalous secondary growth
28 Anomalous secondary growth of monocot
29 Anatomy of specialized organ
30 Anomalous secondary growth of monocot
31 Review of the course


Assessment of students

Quizzes                                 10

1st  Midterm Exam                 25

2nd Midterm Exam                   25

Final Exam                              30

Assignment                             10

Total                                       100


  1. Plant Anatomy by BP Pandey
  2. Anatomy of seed plant by Kathrina Esaw
  3. Plant Anatomy by Fahn
  4. Plant Physiology by Taiz and Zeiger
  5. Journal of Experimental Botany
  6. Planta
  7. American Journal of Botany

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