Botanical Description of Chickpea

Habit: Chickpea is an erect or a spreading annual herb

Root: It has a well developed tap root and an extensive lateral root system which usually bears numerous large indeterminate nodules caused by Rhizobium bacteria 


Stem: square stem and numerous branches, the height ranges from 25-90 cm. The whole plant is covered with glandular hairs

Leaf: The leaves are pinnately compound, 7-10 cm length, with 9-17 small leaflets which are about 2 cm in length

Flower: The flowers are borne axillary and usually solitary, on peduncles that are 2-4 cm in length

Calyx: Calyx united with five teeth, corolla about 1 cm in length

Fruit: The fruit is a swollen, pubescent pod, oblong up to 3 cm x 2 cm containing one or two seeds