Family Fabaceae

Family                        : Fabaceae

Conserved name        : Leguminosae

Popular name            : The Pea or Bean Family

Taxonomic Position (according to Cronquist)

Kingdom         : Plantae
           : Magnoliophyta
Class                :Magnoliopsida

Subclass          : Rosidae

Order               : Fabales
Family             : Fabacaeae

Previously, the family Leguminosae was divided into three sub-family e.g. Papilionaceae, Caesalpinaceae and Mimosaceae. Now these three sub-families are recognized as independent family (Cronquist), and Papilonaceae is regarded as Fabaceae family. However, the Leguminosae family is also called Fabaceae family.

Identifying Characters of the Family


  1. Root bears nodule
  2. Fruit is legume
  3. Presence of compound leaf
  4. Pistill looks  like a sword
  5. Androecium mona/dia delphous
  6. Ovary monocarpellary, marginal placentation

   Table 1. Economic Important Plants of Fabaceae Family

Serial NumberEnglish nameBangla nameBotanical nameEconomic Importance
1Ground nutBadamArachis hypozeaUsed as pulse, oil
2ChickpeaChola, bootCicer arietinumUsed as pulse
3PigeonpeaArharayaCajanus cajanUsed as pulse
4SoybeanSoyabeanGlycine maxUsed as pulse oil and soya cake
5LentilMasurLens culinarisUsed as pulse
6Grass peaKheshariLathyrus sativusUsed as pulse
7Pea, garden peaMotor, motor-shutiPisum sativum L.Used as pulse
8Black gramMashkalaiVigna mungoUsed as pulse
9Faba beanBarashim, baklaVicia fabaUsed as pulse
10Yard long beanVigna sinensisUsed as pulse
11Mung beanMugkalaiVigna radiataUsed as pulse
12AlfalfaLasanMedicago sativa L.Used as fodder
13SunhempShon pat, GhatiCrotolaria junceaUsed as fodder and fiber
14Butterfly peaAparajitaClitoria ternateaUsed as ornamental
15IndigoNilIndigofera indicaUsed as dye
16MedicagoHalud lupinMedicago lupulina L.Grazing purpose
17Scarlet runner beanNot knownPhaseolus coccineusvegetable
18French beanFarashi beanPhaseolus vulgarisVegetable and fodder
19Not knownChoto motorPisum arvensePulse and fodder
20Winged beanKamranga shim, corolla shimPsophocarpus tetragonolobusVegetable and fodder
21SesbaniaDhainchaSesbania bisponosaGreen manure
22Not knownBakfulSesbania grandifloraVegetable and fodder
23Yard-long beanborobotiVigna unguiculataImportant pulse
24Rice beanNot knownVigna umbellata (Thunb)Vegetable and fodder
25Bush beanBush bean 
26FenugreekMethiTrigonella foenum-graecum L.Spices and vegetable
27LablabSheemLablab purpureusVegetable


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