Family: Myrtaceae

Family:  Myrtaceae

Popular name: The Myrtal Family

Taxonomic Position According to Cronquist


Botanical Description of the Family

Habit: Shrubs or small to large tree

Root: Tap root system

Stem: Stem cylindrical, bark is smoothed or may be rough, white, grey black in color, stem is branched

Leaf: Simple, generally opposite, rarely alternate phyllotaxy. Leaf is petiolated, margin entire

Inflorescence: Axillary or terminal, flower some time solitary

Flower: hermaphrodite, actinomorphic

Calyx: Calyx tube campanulate or urceolate, rarely subglobose, persistent

Corolla: Petal 4 or 5, rarely 6, usually free

Androecium: Stamens many, epigynous, filaments free

Gynoecium: Ovary inferior, 2-5 celled or bundle

Fruit: Fleshy berry

Table 1. Economically Important Plants of this Family

Serial NumberLocal name English nameScientific nameUsefulness
1Bottle brushRed bottle brushCallistemon citrinus (Curtis) SkeelsOrnamental
2EucalyptusTimor white gumEucalyptus alba Ornamental
3Tock piyaraSour guavaPsidium aracaFruit
4Chinese PiyaraNot knownPsidium chinenseFruit
5Piyara, Sabri aamGuavaPsidium guajavaFruit
6JamboWater appleSyzygium aqueumFruit
7Buti-jamNot knownSyzygium balsameumFruit
8Lamba nali jamGrey satinashSyzygium claviflorumFruit
9KhudijamNot knownSyzygium cymosumFruit
10Paniya jamNot knownSyzygium formosumFruit


11Gulab jamRose appleSyzygium jambosFruit
12JamrulMalaya rose appleSyzygium jambosFruit
13JamrulWax jambu, Java appleSyzygium samarangenseFruit



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