Wood Apple

Wood apple

Scientific nameLimonia acidissima Groff 

Synonym: Schinus limonia L.

Local name: ‘Koethbel’

Monkey fruit is a common name for several plants and can refer to some species in the genera of Artocarpus, Garcinia and Limonia.

Taxonomic Position According to Cronquist (1988)

Kingdom        : Plantae

Division          : Magnoliophyta

Class               : Magnoliopsida

Subclass          : Rosidae

Order              : Sapindales

Family             : Rutaceae

Genus             : Limonia

Species            : L. acidissima

Botanical Description of Wood Apple

Habit: Perennial tree


Root: Tap root system

Stem: A medium-sized semi deciduous tree up to 12 m tall, branches contain sharp spine.

Leaf: Alternate, imparipinate.


Inflorescence: Axillary terminal

Flower: Small, dull or greenish white, complete, actinomorphic

Calyx: sepals broadly deltoid.

Corolla: Petal, oblong-obovate

kothbel 1


Monkey fruit (kathbel)

Economic Importance

Used as fruit

Table 1. Wood apple variety developed by Horticultural Research Center, BARI, Joydebpur, Bangladesh

Serial NumberName of varietyDeveloped byYear of ReleasePlanting SeasonYield


1BARI Kodbel-1HRC, BARI2015June-September6-8

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