Poaceae/Gramineae Family

Family: Poaceae

Conserved name of the family: Gramineae

Popular name of the family: Grass family

Taxonomic position (according to Cronquist, 1981)

Kingdom         : Plantae

Division           : Magnoliophyta

Class                : Liliopsida

Subclass          : Commelinidae

Order               : Poales

Family             : Poaceae

 Identifying characters of the family

  1. Stem round cylindrical,  solid node with  hollow internode, and the stem is called culm
  2. Auricle and ligule present at the junction of leaf blade and leaf sheath
  • Bracts are glume (lemma and palea)
  1. Lodicle (unit of perianth) present
  2. Fruit is caryopsis
  3. Sigma feathery bi-lobed

Table 1.  Crop species of Poaceae family with their common, scientific and their usual plant parts

Serial number Bangla nameEnglish nameScientific namePlant parts usedUsefulness
1DhanRice/ paddyOryza sativaSeedFood
2GomWheatTriticum aestivumSeedFood
3BhuttaMaizeZea maysSeedFood and fodder
4BarleyBarleyHordium vulgareSeedFood
5OatOatAvena sativaSeedFood
6IkkuhSugar caneSaccharum officinarumStemSugar
7MilletMilletSetaria italicaseedFood
8SorghumSorghumSorghum vulgareSeedFood
9BajraPear milletPennisetum typhoidesSeedFood
10RyeRyeSecale cerealeSeedFood
11Finger milletFinger millet
Eleusine coracana
12Foxtail millet Foxtail MilletSetaria italicaSeedFood
13BashBambooBambusa tuldaStemHousehold things
14Lebu ghashLemon grassCymbopogon nardusLeafSpices
15Lebu ghashLemon grassCymbopogon citronellaLeafSpices




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