Varieties Released by BSRI

Bangladesh Sugar-crop Research Institute (BSRI), Ishurdi, Pabna, Bangladesh Developed a good number of sugar crops varieties for cultivation throughout the country. 

Table 1. Sugarcane varieties released by the Bangladesh Sugar Crops Research Institute (BSRI), Ishurdi, Pabna, Bangladesh

Serial NumberName of varietyYear of ReleaseGrowing seasonAverage yield

(t ha-1)

1Isd 1/53 (Nota Kushir)1967Year round74
2Isd 2/541967Year round79
3Isd 3/541974Year round67
4Isd 4/55Year round86.45
5Isd 6/66Year round66
6Isd 7/57Year round61
7Isd 8/57Year round61
8Isd 10/54Year round74
9Isd 11/58Year round66
10Isd 12/58Year round70
11Isd 13/58Year round81
12Isd 14/60Year round81
13Isd 151974Year round86
14Isd 161981Year round86
15Isd 17Year round85
16L-Jaba C1982Year round79
17Isd 181988Year round85
18Isd 191988Year round83
19Isd 201990Year round72
20Isd 211990Year round71
21Isd 221993Year round65
22Isd 241993Year round49
23Isd 251993Year round61
24Isd 261995Year round59
25Isd 271995Year round69
26Isd 281996Year round78
27Isd 291998Year round70
28Isd 302000Year round77
29Isd 312000Year round90
30Isd 322002Year round104
31Isd 332002Year round98
32Isd 342002Year round93
33Isd 352003Year round94
34Isd 362003Year round88
35Isd 372006Year round91
36Isd 382007Year round113
37Isd 392009Year round103
38Isd 402009Year round110
39BSRI Akh 412012Year round139.55
40BSRI Akh 422014Year round169.57
41BSRI Akh 432014Year round118.36
42BSRI Akh 442014Year round106.91
43BSRI Akh 45 2016Year round105
44BSRI Akh 46 2017Year round103

Sugar beet

S.L. No.Name of VarietyYear of ReleaseGrowing SeasonYield


1BSRI Sugarbeet-1


2BSRI Sugarbeet-2