Scientific name: Amorphophallus campanulatus (Roxb.)Blume

Local name: ‘Oolkachu’







Taxonomic position According to Cronquist (1981)

Kingdom Plantae
Division Magnoliophyta
Class Liliopsida
Subclass Arecidae
Order Arales
Family Araceae
Genus Alocasia
Species A. indica


Botanical Description of Elephant Yam

Habit: Perennial herb of 1-2 m tall.

Elephant Yam

Root: Adventitious root system, shallow and fleshy.

Stem: Underground stem modified into corm, is a cylindrical or spherical, bulb-like fleshy structure with short internode at the base of the stem.

Leaf: The petiole is long, stout, the blade is bifurcating and ultimately divided into oblong, acuminate, decurrent lobes.



Inflorescence: short peduncle, spadix is very stout and sessile.

Flower: Three types of flower namely, male, female and neuter are present.

Fruit: Berry



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