Family: Brassicaceae Conserved name: Cruciferae Popular name: Mustard Family Taxonomic Position (according to Cronquist) Kingdom                     :Plantae Division                       :Magnoliophyta Class                            :Magnoliopsida Subclass                      :Dilleniidae Order                           :Capparales Family                         :Brassicaceae Identifying characters of the family Herb with odorous Watery juice stem Flower Cruciform Four sepals, four petals Stamen six tetradynamous Fruit siliqua Origin and Distribution The family Brassicaceae consists of about 350 genera and […]

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Mango Scientific name: Mangifera indica L. Local/Bangla name: আম ( ‘Aam’) Taxonomic Position According to Cronquist (1988)  Kingdom         : Plantae Division           : Magnoliphyta Class                : Magnoliopsida Order               : Sapindales Family             : Anacardiaceae Genus              : Mangifera Species            : M. indica Botanical Description of Mango Habit: Perennial tree Root: Tap root system Stem: Erect, large trunk Leaf: Simple, petiolate, phylotaxy alternate some time […]

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Family: Anacardiaceae Taxonomic position of the Family (According to Cronquist) Kingdom         : Plantae Division           : Magnoliphyta Class               : Magnoliopsida Order              : Sapindales Family             : Anacardiaceae Botanical Description of the Family The Anacardiaceae is a family of flowering plants bearing fruits that are drupes and in some cases producing urushiol, an irritant. The family includes numerous genera with several of economic […]

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