Family- Zingiberacae (Zinger family)

Taxonomic Position (according to Cronquist)

Kingdom        : Plantae

Division          :Magnoliophyta

Class               :Liliopsida

Subclass         :Commelinids

Order              :Zingiberales

Family             : Zingiberacae


Distinguishing characters

Perenneial aromatic herb

Stem modified into rhizome

Leaf contains ligue

Only one stamen is fertile in

Ovary inferior

About 47 genera and 1400 spp. of perennial tropical herbs, usually in the ground flora of lowland forests.


Botanical Description

Habit: A perennial herb

Root: Adventitous root system

Stem: underground rhizome with aroma

Leaf: Simple, sessile, composed of leaf sheath and leaf blade

Inflorescence: Solitary in head

Flower: Zygomorphic, hermaphrodite, epigynous

Perianth: tepal 6, in two whorls

Androecium: Stamen 6 in two whorls

Gynoecium: Carpel 3, syncarpous, ovary inferior

Fruit: Capsule


Two sub-family namely Zingiberoideae and Costoideae




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