Iratom 24

Rice variety

Scientific name: Oryza sativa L.








Main Feature of Iratom 24

Developed by Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture(BINA), Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Source IR8
Method of development  Mutation breeding (γ irradiation)
Main characteristics Plants are semi-dwarf which do no lodge.
Year of release 1975
Days to maturity It is an early maturing variety. It takes about 140-145 days to mature during boro season and 125-130 days during aus season. Earliness facilities to harvest this crop variety before early flash flood and also can escape hailstorm.
Resistant/tolerant Moderately resistant to major disease and insect-pest.
Yield Maximum grain yield potential is 8 t/ha(av. 6.5 t/ha) in boro season while 4 t(av. 3.5 t/ha) in aus season.
Quality of the product Grains are finer than IR-8.



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