Main Features of the Variety

Developed by Bangladesh Agriculture Research Institute(BARI), Gazipur, Bangladesh
Method of development/origin Bangladesh (Locally collected)
Year of release 2010
Main characteristics Summer season variety, attractive deep green color with whitish spots, medium bottle shaped fruit, high bearer, fruit/plant 10-12, Average 45-47 cm length and breadth 12-13 cm, Average marketable fruit weight 2.5kg, Crop duration 130-150 days.

This variety is cultivated all over Bangladesh.

Planting season and time Recommended for summer season. But can be grown round. Summer/kharif, Sowing: Mid-March planting: April
Harvesting time First fruit harvest 70-80 days after sowing, if harvest very young stage fruit/plant and yield increase.
Yield 80-85 t/ha
Resistance/tolerance Temperature tolerant

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